Gross gore’s (Ali Larsen) sexual harassment incidents and other mishaps

Gross gore is currently a twitch streamer who focuses on the “League of Legends” category. This is a short summary of all his documented crimes, including distribution of explicit images of minors (CP), sexual activity with minors (under the age of 18), assault, harassment, and more. You can read about all them in detail by clicking this link:

Recently, a Pastebin went somewhat viral in the stream space and did the rounds. It could be found here until Pastebin staff took it down: In hindsight, it was oversaturated and doesn’t really cover what we feel is the more serious of GrossGore’s criminal/predatory activity, so we’ll do our best to keep this concise.


Sexual activity with minors:

This Imgur album shows Larsen confessing to the fact that he sent nudes to the mother of his, at the time, 17 year-old ex-girlfriend after a breakup: Legally speaking, Larsen is guilty of distributing child pornography. This is the victim confirming this all happened while she was still a minor:

Asked a 15 year-old girl to flash her breasts on a group video call when he was 18:

Groomed a 16 year-old female fan for pictures when he was 24 through power dynamics:

Bragged about sleeping with a 16 year old in his early 20s:

Slept with a 17 year-old in the United States and groped her for a YouTube video:

Following the events of March 12th, a new victim came forward claiming that Larsen befriended her when she was 13, and that shortly after, Larsen would ask for sexual favors. Once she decided to stop, he and his friends/fans harassed her for months:


Sexual assault and harassment:

Sexually assaulted fellow Twitch streamer “Jenna” at two different events. During an incident, Jenna confirms Larsen got on top of her and tried to make out with her while she was drunk on a couch: Larsen also confirmed he got his dick out for his friends, at that at some point Jenna got a glimpse:

Larsen is permanently banned from attending Runefest/Jagex events for sexually harassing 3 women. Here he is explaining some disgusting comments he made towards a woman’s attire: Here he is crawling towards a woman’s ass: And here he is forcing a kiss onto a drunk woman and calling her a “pussy” for rejecting him:

Sending unsolicited videos to women telling them how much he wants to fuck them:

Has filmed a woman breastfeeding in public:


Grooming and pimping out his sisters

Got upset when his 16 year-old sister lost her virginity when she could have sold it for millions at 18+: This same sister was then slept with mutual friend, Ross, when she was 18 and he saw no problem with doing so, despite Ross being 27, and instead blaming his sister for ‘slagging about’. Clip no longer on his channel, but if you ask him about this, his reaction says it all.

Tells his sister she should sell revealing pictures on Patreon:

Asks his 15 year-old sister if she has to be good at sex:

Doesn’t care about his 15 year-old sister being groomed by a 20 year-old:

“Jokes” about his infant daughter becoming a camwhore:

Says he finds it “weird” to change his daughters diapers as it would make him a pedophile:


Misogynist comments:

A 2 minute “women rant” after he was rejected at a club for his looks:

Calls women “fat cunts” when his dates are cancelled:

Wants to review women at night clubs:

In a post-MeToo world, we need to stop making concessions for people who ‘portray’ a sexist, harassing ‘character’, while still acting that same way behind the scenes. Call on Twitch to permanently ban GrossGore ( from their platform, so he may no longer use it to harass women and minors. Feel free to share.